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We believe that small actions can save the lives of dogs and cats and prevent them from becoming homeless.


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PetRescue.Love Testimonial

At the heart of the United States, Pet Rescue Inc, a 501c3 public charity, thrives on a singular mission: ensuring every pet gets a chance at a loving home. In our endeavor to weave a web of care, support, and love for our furry friends, we're proud to be affiliated with Pets.Love - a comprehensive platform for all things pets!

Searching for a new family member? Or perhaps you need assistance in rehoming a pet? Maybe you're looking to foster, or keen to assist a pet in distress through a "Pet FundMe" campaign? At Pets.Love, we've got it all. And for our enthusiasts, an extensive shop awaits, boasting over 175,000 brand name pet products - quality ensured, prices unmatched!

However, our journey doesn't stop at adoptions and commerce. We're fervently dedicated to aiding shelters and rescues in securing forever homes for their dogs and cats. Additionally, we champion the cause of spaying and neutering - an essential step to curb the overpopulation of pets and ensure a more sustainable, caring environment for them all.

The reality we're fighting is grim: too many pets end up in shelters, with many facing untimely euthanasia. But with your support, we're writing new narratives of hope and love every day. Dive into our world, stay abreast with our updates, and witness the change as it unfolds. Your regular visits amplify our mission, and if you're moved by our dedication, consider standing with us - through adoptions, advocacy, or a generous donation.

Together, we're not just making a difference; we're crafting a universe where pets and people thrive in harmony. Embark on this journey with us, and let's shape a world echoing with purrs, woofs, and endless love!